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Continue Mod Election nominations until December 3rd?

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Gazing upon the profound and touchy domain of conversation, I can't help but chuckle at the thought of embarking on a Moopy's All Star Mods Survivor :D
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I think you being a mod again would be a very bad idea, and I've had a a number of comments from posters in private who feel the same way

Can I just say I haven't said anything, as I know Ag will straight away be thinking I have.

I've stated I don't want that to interact with him anymore and his most recent argy bargy had nothing to do with me.

Which argy bargy? And seriously WHY? What have I really done to you that's so bad because I can't get my head round it? Things don't have to be like this. After all the carry on I am still willing to start afresh, life's too bloody short!
Thank you for publishing the list.

Unless anything changes, I hereby publicly endorse the three new candidates due to my lack of confidence in the current team following the events of the past two days.
I'm not sure if a new Mod team is gonna change anything. They're still gonna end up making up decisions that won't represent the Moopy constituency. There's absolutely no guarantee that this won't happen again. We need an additional protocol to inform the decision making process.
Have any of the prospective new mods indicated they would have acted differently?

Sorry - I don't want to put them under pressure, or set them against the existing ones. And I see where Sheena is coming from. But I don't see how simply voting for the new ones when we don't know they would have acted differently makes much sense.

Particularly when (I think) someone has said that the decision with the current team wasn't unanimous. So you could be voting against someone existing who voted against the ban, and voting for people who would have agreed with it?
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Presumably we wanted to see how many people wanted the job before it was decided how we'd run it.
Yes, assuming it is seven candidates at close, we will be running a confidence vote where people will PM me the names of those they are happy to be mods, and those with over 50% will become mods. If all seven are over 50%, then all seven will be made mods.

I chose a right time to go away, didn't I?

Have been following the various stuff but can't (and shouldn't!) commit the time to join in.

How lovely.

Don’t you worry about that. Enjoy your time with Mrs Indie and all this will no doubt still be kicking off when you get back.

I chose a right time to go away, didn't I?

Have been following the various stuff but can't (and shouldn't!) commit the time to join in.

Say "hi" to Selma Björnsdóttir if you visit Lazy Town (she stays up all night so no rush).

Anyway, if the admin vote was anonymous, shouldn't the mod one be too?
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Having reflected, i don’t really want to stand. I don’t like the way that Beverly was treated when he said he wanted to withdraw. I listen closely to what HSH says about the experience of being black and global majority, in that everything can be an endless debate and you don’t get a pass with anything. The bad faith readings Beverley got don’t sit well with me, and I feel really bad for him that he felt this wasn’t a safe space. HSH left because he didn’t want to have to stay and explain the impact of the n-word and ‘defend’ his feelings. I think it’s worth reflecting on why two non-white posters have left because they don’t want to debate their feelings - I think when your lived experience is one where no ‘free passes’, I imagine the energy you have for it online in your free time is limited.

There is an element to all this about having the luxury of being able to take part in a debate that doesn’t personally affect you, and how this can influence how you view and take part in conversations. With the Israel-Gaza thread I think there’s a sensitivity for certain posters that have (and haven’t!) posted in there because they have family/friend/religious connections that mean engaging with the topic comes with a lot more weight to it. I don’t think gggggg should have said fuck you - and I think if you went by the rules set out in the first post then him being banned wasn’t a surprise - but I do think the best way of handling it would have been to have recognised the intensity of emotion that this was having on gggggg and given him a private word, not a potentially humiliating banning. By the same token, Beverley posting the content he was posting was done with the intention of bearing witness to the unfolding atrocities, and if people were feeling intimidated maybe a private word with him too would have been helpful instead of saying it after.

Respect to the people who want to moderate but I only really want to engage with content on here that makes me lmao etc and I think a good moderator needs to be ready to engage with everything from fun to serious. GOOD LUCK to the other candidates xx

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