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  • Thank you for the lovely card! You are so sweet to always remember đź’— We didn't even get a card from our parents!!
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    Flipper it’s my birthday on Monday just fyi
    Thank you so much for the Christmas card! I'm sorry I didn't get round to sending mine out this year, it was just all so hectic before we left for India. Hope you had a good one anyway!xx
    No that's brilliant thank you :)

    Renault were wanting to charge ÂŁ500 ON TOP of the MOT + Service. It's fair to say that's the closest I've ever come to passing out while on the phone.
    Would getting a garage to replace a timing belt as part of the servicing really cost ÂŁ500?
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    hi floppet

    I just tried to pm you but your box is full (that's what she said)

    it is nothing I can't say here anyway. I am sorry about your grandmother - even if it is for the best, it still hurts.

    I hope you are okay. I have sent a message to Ridley through our psychic bond telling him not to act up for the next few weeks. lots of love xxx
    You're smarter than the average bear.

    As if I would give out my real birthday to a random forum.
    Hello my lovely! They are doing good :D They're about 6 cm big now I'd say, it's getting harder to maintain though with the drop in weather :o

    Hope you're well xx
    I *think* I have my first chilli growing, it's about 2 mm big right now :o
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    well done floppet, i am so proud. xxx
    Sorry, dear Floppet. I was too lazy to coordinate the colors so I just picked random ones! Yours is exceptionally pretty.
    Hiya! Not sure if you saw my post in the daily thread, but my chillis have begun to sprout!

    *excite* :D
    Thank you SO much for the seeds :D I'm quite excited about them. I shall take photos of their journey :o xxx
    Have you seen the report in the local papers? Turns out that when the campaigning for the CON charge was going on last year, congestion was falling faster in Greater Manchester than anywhere else in the country! Not just that, but out of just two areas to see it increase, one was... London, with a charge!
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    *********END OF BULLETIN**********
    Dear Floppet,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for friday)! Did you have a super time?

    Have a belated birthday Kebab:

    hello lovely floppet

    i am not ignoring your friend request because i don't like you -quite the opposite. but i jut don't see the point in having 'friends' on here...i can't see any special features or owt.

    i hope this is okay. i will green rep you instead to make up for it

    peace out, a town

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