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  • I'm only on page 1 and already I feel a bit sick (I can't view the clip yet). I thought Ag was joking about Jonathan the German music-credits poster!
    Yes I am. I did notice he was and there would be a few FANZ on Moopy. I totally love him. I reckon he's gay.
    I've just watched that Queen of Shops episode with the bakery! I love how she gave up on it because she wasn't getting a new floor. What a cunt.
    Oh HARK at the below! HIYA, yours did inspire mine. It was only after I did mine that I realised she was a bit spack-eyed in it. OH WELL! Fun weekend I gather?
    I was at Alton Towers with some nightmare girls who can't grasp the concept of navigation awareness and that the sat nav did not need to be used ALL THE FUCKING TIME when road signs perfectly fill the job and have done for some time. And don't realise that although the A road is a bit longer it's actually quicker than a twisting B-road. Jesus wept!

    You looked a bit hot in motion as well I must say :horny: :( Sorry I missed.
    I don't know whether to be annoyed by THAT TAG, or proud that you actually know who Sarah Dawn Finer IS. :D
    If it leaks in HQ I don't see why not. It genuinely sounds like a club staple already. Whether she's been forced into it or not, it's riddled with all her trademark tics.
    That image is just so tasteful, and no doubt Geri would agree. She's probably on first name terms with her own bin men - "nothing this week AGAIN either, boys, doyouknowhatImean?"
    It's the only topping I've had all year!

    Well done on your leap to 6, OWN IT BITCH. Or some other internet catchphrase that I'd never be caught dead saying with a straight face in real life.
    Oh Claire is a real sweetheart, she's a lovely girl.

    I think we must have got the train before yours. It was fucking horrific. What a show though.
    Me too! I was shocked not to see a + next to yours and Penelope's names.

    You probably both deleted me. :(
    I've actually always wanted to be elf-like! I thought you meant fairy as in old slang for mega camp, which isn't a bad thing I suppose.
    I don't think I fancy watching it in Dels COB, too many lesbians getting angry and old men thinking they can join in on your jokes about sloppy entries :D
    Can we make it Saturday or are you DOING EUROVISION? I've got work at 10am-2pm Sat and there's just no way I'd make it to work the next day.
    She tried to CLAIM that she'd giving me my chips, cheese & garlic mayo which since I was standing there WITHOUT them, was CLEARLY INCORRECT. A full on argument ensued as she insisted I pay for a PHANTOM PORTION OF CHIPS.

    I got into a fucking RUCKUS with that Azzimo Troll last night.

    Ha, I think that's probably a very accurate interpretation of events! I should do some sort of column on how to get free things by pestering people
    Oh COB COB COB... Step into my world... :disco:

    This 3CD Absolute Schlager disc that Diddy reviewed has most of the ESSENTIALS. He can probably send you a link or something

    This is probably my favourite pure Schlager song ever:

    Linda Bengtzing - Jag Ljuger Sa Bra:

    It helps if you understand the lyrics though, it's basically like a Swedish 'I Will Survive' except with a sad twist.

    The chorus translates roughly as

    I can do what I like
    Can go out every night
    And come home when I please
    Watch a horror movie
    And sleep soundly in bed
    Without you by my side
    Read my paper in peace
    Take up all of the sheets
    What could be better than that?
    I have all that I want
    That's what I'll say if you call me today
    I'm a really good liar...
    One I know from Stirling uni and also we worked together in Frasers, one I just chat to in the wee hours on facebook and the other, well, he's just nice to look at isn't he? I was going to ask you too.
    We were slightly drunk after Abigail's Party and thought it would be amusing. This is no exaggeration, everyone TURNED TO LOOK at us.

    My friend Jodie's GAY DAD'S EX was there and took great pleasure in telling all that he could've been her stepdad.

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