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  • Take a break from the cat and vote in Moopyfestivalen heat four please babe :disco:

    (also empty your inbox :evil:)
    Do they still have SPARE? I'm going tomorrow. Gonna get MWI tonight though. Where's your new flat?
    Sorry babe. Living like a candle in the wind these days. I had them all lined up on my iPad for my snowboarding holiday but just ended up watching the Olympics. And after work I'm at bootcamp 3x a week so pretty busy. I don't seem to have down time to watch crap. You know 7 - 9pm is reserved for classics like Revenge. I feel Coach Trip is a 5 - 6pm show only.
    Babes I love it here. I'm gonna meet (and fuck) ya'll separately (in my GH DES RES) ready for my big arrival in Edinburgh.

    I did get in the lift and pressed the button for Floor 3 and the guy in the lift was like "You coulda walked that" and I must have looked taken a back because he quickly apologised with "I was only joking" :shy:
    I might need to pop in myself. Viva was showing repeats, but would be good to own it. I have the 'Is It Fall/College Yet?' dvds though. I'm surprised the Fashion Club never had a spin-off.
    I liked a lot of the Re-Up. I'm glad she's going mega black this time (although obv there'll be a few pop hits at the end)
    I'll definitely be buying them both (apparently the packaging they come in is almost as orgasmic as the merchandise itself).

    Loving the Kandyman of my (many) disappointments with the latest half a series was that in 'The Crimson Horror', Mr Sweet didn't turn out to be a pseudonym for the great man himself.
    It's all about for porn these days for me. I'm tempted to splash £20 on errr… splashing. Just go on a massive download spree then cancel.

    You don't appear to be camel-toe in that pic. But let's call it bad lighting and say you are.
    I've always felt that if I could just work on chest and arms then it would broaden everything out and there would be no need for cardio (booooo, hisssss). I'm quite into big chest and arm guys with a bit of a stomach :horny:

    Like the lead guy in Bangin' Builders Extra Time

    But what did you wear for your graduation?
    I'd love to be one, but i haven't got the patience to wait for it. I might become a roider.
    Oh yes GAYS! If you meant girls you should have stated QoL.

    The gays were big chester vest wearers :( i.e the type who put us out of business :(
    I haven't seen any of it but my brother had it recorded for me (bless). I did a quick skip through and there were indeed some queens in the very first week. Like flies to shit.
    It's hard to say... but I think even a MILD BUZZ is enough to fill the Scala in minutes. OH COB!
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