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Hope our new AI friend is going to trigger some sexy chat about our FAVORITE TIGHTS :disco:
Personally I prefer stockings because they draw more attention to my PUSY
I discovered this thread a bit late, but I'll add something :D

TL;DR I am a relatively young person here, generally quiet and low-maintenance, but often end up rambling on. Drawn to peculiar ideas. 😊

As well as being a fan of Enya :enya: and decent at music myself 🎼🎻 I also like watching telly (whatever's on in the West Midlands) while I'm not at uni/at home 🤗
Almost eternally lazy, yet to start working 😅
Still, science first for me 💡👩🏻‍🔬🩺🫀 the arts remain as hobbies 🎨🎵♟️

disney turtle or whatever you're called, what is your game
Most of the above, and I like elaborating on random interesting ideas :grin: 💡

Admittedly not that much of a Disney fan; somewhat put off by its Americanism and recent expansion. Despite that, I quite like Frozen ❄️ and some others are okay. 🎬

Not quite turtle 😄🐢 Teletubby - surely you've heard about the once chart-topping Teletubbies? :laugh: The red Teletubby Po is my favourite❤️

🎵Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po🎵

My childhood years were 2000s-early 2010s more or less 💭 Also nostalgic for some of the 1990s even though I didn't exist then 😅
I have been around for less than half of Enya's music career...!
Older music/media is so much better overall. 🎼📺🌟

Despite the sad state that the UK and most of the world finds itself in, I hope for and envision better things for the future 🕊💡🤝
No I’m not Pickle but I thought of him earlier for the first time in forever and thought I’d sign up and ask. I used to think he was really cute.
So we don’t know anything about the whereabouts of Pickle? :(

Hope he’s happy anyway.

Does Rachey still post on here? I used to like seeing her hair.
I used to have Pickle on Facebook but he deactivated his account ages ago. Same with Raucuous Bitch, and obviously Moonbaby.

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