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He made a comment that he had already banned Bev and Tisch this week insinuating I was next. I said I couldn’t wait until the next mod election. He mansoned me and it seems took offence to my comment. It was in the ASFM thread, we always joke with eachother in those environments and have done since the start. It wasn’t a tirade!

I don’t think this was about you. 😘
I don’t think Rita did anything wrong or that Soldi should resign, but I do know how hard it is when you’re a moderator. I was personally victimised by someone for many months before I just threw in the towel, it’s just not worth it.

Let’s hear it for our hard-working moderators everyone
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I hope not as I genuinely feel quite bad as I love our little Soldi!
Oh Reet love don’t worry, this was nothing to do with you! 😘

I look forward to another instalment of our BARRAGE OF HATE against each other during the ASFM results :disco:

@Soldi after your last message I assumed I obviously had your 12.

You underhanded spineless SWINE.

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