Random deep/disco/funky/piano house tunes

You better believe I've been having it on repeat for the past hour.
This came out over Christmas and it's deep as Fuck. Sade on the sample.

It reminds me of the Lovers Rock era, when many of her songs were getting deep house remixes and deep house was at its peak.

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I LOVE this, even though it's still got a bit of Tiesto's trademark trance and europop feel, it's more of a house direction and proof that a great vocal makes ALL the difference in dance music

Got my eye on this Carly Wilford, first Sky High and now this, two bangers on the trot. This is SO 90s, not just the production but the vocal and melody just sounds so 90s too

Supersonic and Out of My Depth added to my playlist!

hot remix from tensnake

immediately obsessed with the new Jayda G

big tune. it's like a lost Fever banger through a retro/futuristic house filter.
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not sure it's dance per se but the new Avalon Emerson stuff is quite good. album incoming

quite an enjoyable rework of Gabrielle's Dreams from the reliably colourful Gryffin

This is a difficult one. Take Your Time (Do It Right) is one of my all time disco faves and this is fine but just feels a bit lacking in comparison. It certainly isn't an Automatic style reworking.

And STILL no Fiora...
Don’t get me wrong, this whole campaign is a massive step down from the last album, but the last album was RIDICULOUS. Almost wall to wall nu disco perfection.

This collection so far feels lighter, safer, but even then I’ve enjoyed it all, to varying degrees. There’s definitely been a couple of growers though. The magic this time round has been much more subtle.
Clearly I have been neglecting my dear @Jark and this thread because my playlist is chock full of essential bangers at the moment. Here you go you house monsters:

Gorgeous subtle deep house with balearic vibes

I genuinely thought I had posted this but perhaps not? The best Huxley track in YEARS

There's an EP of remixes for this but now and again it's the dub version that just NAILS IT. This is such a throwback US Garage tune

Sandy Rivera / KOT never misses. This has a gorgeous vocal and some nice middle eastern influences


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