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I'm a total Robyn apologist, I don't even know WHY :D
Green Eyed Bandits ride or die = me.

I do not agree with a lot of the fan chatter online suggesting the cast needs a revamp. Once you start losing OGs the show starts to decline, we've seen this TOO MANY TIMES NOW to know it to be true.
Don't fuck with the Queen :disco:

Messy Mia heavily hinting now that she's QUIT THE SHOW :(

Again whilst I can't condone how the girls acted towards her in the last episode, I may well QUIT THE SHOW myself if ZenWen forces an exodus of the cast.
I actually really like Wendy. A lot. And I think she could have been a supreme addition to the show, had the green-eyed bandits not taken an instant dislike to her and made it their mission to ice her out, bringing the next cast member (Mia) into it too.

But as much as I like Wendy and want her to work well on the show, it's an absolute mystery as to why she ever got invited back for another season. It's got to the point that half the cast hate her, and the other half are barely interacting with her, solely out of contractual obligation. Even production clearly don't like her, given the hot-mic moment a few episodes back. And then Wendy herself hasn't actually had any kind of a storyline for as long as I can remember.

So as a result, her sole storyline this season is being at the receiving end of some genuinely unpleasant behaviour - which came to an obvious head this last episode. It's not a good look for RHOP, which has always been good fun to watch. There have been fights before, but this level of bullying has just been uncomfortable to watch. She shouldn't have been brought back for another season. It's done no party any favours.
I've wanted Robyn gone for six seasons, but this season I'd really warmed to her - she's been taking herself less seriously, and leading the storylines for once, rather than following them. But I've gone back to disliking her after this episode. Berating Wendy while she was defending herself from an attempted takedown from Mia, and then filming the altercation, but only focusing the camera on Wendy..... that behaviour is beyond the ick and really needs to be called out, either in the next few episodes or at the reunion.
This week's episode was WILD, possibly one of the best of the series in general? Robyn and the speaker felt like a MOMENT, never mind the Grande Dame truly engaging just moments later :disco:

This trip is starting to feel more like a HOSTAGE SITUATION, the cast seemed to be genuinely sick of the sight of each other at points :D
Also the edit of Karen and the fire-eater? Goofy but still FUNNY

To say this season felt a bit BUMPY/boring at the start it's really transformed into a bit of a slam dunk. I really hope they don't change the cast up AT ALL!
I can't believe we get the Sesame Street character and Jasmine Masters in the same episode next time.
Oh Deborah.

The editors are doing the most on this show and I love it.
I think this has to be one of my all time favorite moments

I love Robyn. She’s such a chill person.

Also I’m tired of Karen’s constant deflecting and delusion. Someone said it’s very Trumpian and I AGREE
Robyn’s bridal veil whipping off her head in 0.3 seconds because the Universe knew

Oh hell to the NAW
Not the green eyed bandits trying to come for
La Dame
Only this time with the Leprechaun on their side

we're not HERE for
Gizelle :D Does she do this on purpose now

I don’t hate it…it’s certainly ahem “eclectic” but it’s not ugly.

I think Mia looks terrible with an arrow towards her vagina and Ashley as usual way too much.

Robyn is such a classic beauty.
Currently powering through this. The Miami trip is a lot.

And as annoying as I find her, Wendy is being shafted and I feel awful for her. Mia is just being ludicrously petty.

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