The United Kingdom: The RISHI RICH Sunak ERA

Regardless of what you think of the Tories, their conscious decision to burn an electable centre-right party, arguably the most successful electoral machine in the western world, to the ground is rather something to behold. And for WHAT? Lee Anderson and Ashfield?

Because they're only listening to the press. Tory policy has become dictated by a handful of exceptionally rich sociopaths.
Statement live from the local boozer was it? He talks like a drunk gammon with his mates "putting the world to rights" in the working men's club.

Because that's who he is. That's who the Tories think is "relatable" to "the silent majority". I'd love to see the bastard being fed into a woodchipper. Woodchippers are probably woke now too.
Bring on Suella- the country WOULD riot at that point.
What frightens me is the thought that we wouldn't. Or some small minority of us would and we'd be seen something like the XR or Stop Oil protests, just a bunch of disruptive "ultra woke" clowns causing chaos and disruption, not having a Reasonable Civil Conversation, and leading to calls for more fascism.

That's the thing about the slow rightward shift of the overton window, 20 years ago maybe there'd have been riots over most of what the Tories have been doing lately, especially the way Cruella was treating the homeless. Now it's met with collective shrugs. Problem is that's how actual far-right fascism eventually comes in, it doesn't happen overnight it's one small shrugged-off step at a time.

I don't honestly think I'm being hysterical here - stealing tents from homeless people and crushing them in a bin wagon would've been unthinkable not that many years ago??
(And this is speaking as "part of the problem", all I've done so far is complain about it on the internet)
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They are desperately trying to craft another brexit out of the Rwanda policy. Something that is generally misunderstood by the public at large, and can appeal to the base ‘small island’ mentality that still holds a lot of sway in our collective thinking.

I don’t think it will work, however, as the government is mistrusted on immigration from the outset. While the policy is popular (based on its miscommunication, not reality), it’ll be deemed a failure of an incompetent government, rather than ‘foreign courts’ or whatever spin they’re trying to put on it.
I’m intrigued by the Lab/Lib Dem differential between Aldi and Lidl
I always thought Aldi was the more 'upmarket' version of Lidl
Anyway - we have Lidl where I live and it is, of course, fabulous.
Waitrose across the road naturally for the walk of shame.
Isn’t it also about where their presence is stronger too? I thought Aldi had more branches up north originally and Lidl started down south….
I think that’s probably it. I have two of each in walking distance so I’m not very aware of the geographical difference.
I drove past a massive Waitrose at the weekend. I've never seen anything like it in my life?! It was in the rural Midlands, I can't remember exactly where as I was passing through quite quickly. Anyway, it was massive.

New Home Sec seems very watered down in comparison to Sue, but I mean...
I go into M&S near me for lunch on some of my work days. Judging by the haughty old sows who get in my way in the aisles as I try to stride to the food hall, overhearing their conversations I'm not surprised that it's the one remaining Tory bastion
Haven't been in ages, don't have one nearby. Used to pop in when I was a city geyrl and take advantage of the "dinner for 2" offer they had at the time even though I was only feeding myself. Still good?

Actually, it'll forever be good as long as they don't shelve Percy Pigs.

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