The United Kingdom: The RISHI RICH Sunak ERA

What an incoherent rant! Never mind the awful grammar and structure. I can imagine her smashing the keys as she typed that. Not that she typed it of course.

Dear Sir Graham

Without wanting to defend Fareham (which is a bit of a dump), that's typical LBC clickbait- entirely biased. Note that every single one of those interviewees was a pensioner. It's not reflective at all of a Fareham town centre on a market day, which is where they are- and trust me, I worked there for 20 years.

Longer version here with a touch more balance. So many EVIL pensioners!

I had a good laugh at Andrea Jenkyns letter last night. It's a barely coherent rant, absolute 4-wines-down-at-3pm energy. What a fool. I'll be staying up to see her lose her seat in March. It is going to be March, isn't it?
I know, forgive my brief blast of optimism but they are going to hang on until the absolute last. Sunak has allegedly been asked not to go at the same time as the US election due to security concerns over the UK and US being in a potential interregnum at the same time but he's an arrogant little prick and will just do whatever is expedient for his career and his investments.
Honestly putting in an unelected Liz Truss was one thing and Boris (the first time), but I really don’t think I could handle an unelected Suella as PM. It would absolutely send me over the edge. There are so many things wrong with that concept.
I think they're still clinging to the hope of getting Boris back.
A foreign sec AND a pm from the lord's?

Sure, why not? If you're going to be dire and shit, might as well be a future pub quiz question too

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